thank you pinterest

 i finally put Pinterest to use!

this is just a little "matchbook" gift we gave to our neighbors this weekend.



gotta love mason jars!

me and my boys

...   on Christmas   ...

baby boy #3 was not in the mood for a "photo shoot" but at least i got some cooperation from these two  : )

Christmas for the Bankstons was wonderful!

magical and memorable

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{ rooted in love }

Brittany and Allie are the two lovely ladies of Rooted in Love Weddings. 

They were so sweet to include my mason jar tumblers in their latest gift guide! Check it out, HERE.

If you live in the Southern California area, be sure too look them up!!

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.. birthday girl ..

.. happy birthday to me .. 
i had no idea a year ago today that i would be “here”. it’s been a year of discovery to say the least. i LOVE creating, i LOVE business, and i can’t believe the opportunities that have come my way. i am blessed. the hope of new ventures in 2012 bring a joy and an excitement that i can’t put into words. i am flooded with happiness! 
cheers : )

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.. little star ..

my little model is becoming an etsy star!  ; )

"he" is handsome, polite and oh-so cool.

my tumbler was featured in the Etsy Christmas shopping guide, "Olde Tyme Christmas".


all thanks to great pics from Jodi Mockabee Photography and my little model man!!

~ bobbi


.. Thanksgiving Faire ..

Thanksgiving weekend is always a busy time at the local faire grounds and downtown area of Sonora.

I am SO excited to be apart of the Hometown Crafters annual Faire at the Opera Hall, downtown.

I'm unable to sell my jewelry as there were already too many jewelry vendors when I signed up but I am offering my mason jar tumblers to the holiday shoppers : ) 

Wish me luck, friends!

If you're doing the same this black friday, I'd be so grateful for any tips you may have for a rookie.

~ bobbi


.. words in my head ..

just feel like sharing the words that keep running through my head


"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11


thankful   grateful   hopeful   blessed

me and my boy (firstborn that is)


.. joy in thrifting ..

...   oh joyful day   ...

i payed a visit to my favorite thrift store and look what i came home with!!!

hooray for me!

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.. simple delights giveaway ..

...   another lovely blog, Simple Delights, is featuring me in her Autumn Giveaway today!    ...

..   thank you Samantha!!   ..

.. photo shoot ..

i am one lucky girl.

lucky to have a best friend who is also a talented photographer.

it was a memorable and joyful evening, working with my best friends.

stay tuned for more pics : )

 ...   me   ...

...   my adorable models, showing off their petite tumblers   ...


big thanks to the following people for participating and for making it a success:

The Schram Family for use of their gorgeous property.

Mrs. Atkins and her gorgeous kiddos!

Laura- our beautiful bride model.

and of course Jodi Mockabee : )

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.. giveaway ..

... the lovely Heather at Mountain Home Quilts is featuring Poppy and Pearl co ...

visit her blog and enter to win

good luck!!

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.. big dreams ..

...   a little update   ...

P & P co. has been busy. busy organizing and creating for a { very } exciting new project which is to be shared with the world in a few weeks.  


{  on my heart  }

i love the saying, "the sky is the limit". 

it really is, right?

well, i truly enjoy creating pretty things and i love small business

my sweet little P & P co. has big ideas... big dreams... big goals... and the heart to achieve them. 

being a new business (ppc is two months old) i have many emotions running through me... excitement, fear, hope, worry, joy, fulfillment, etc...  

when the negative creeps in, i remind myself of hope and possibility and the big big world that we live in.

it's possibilities for success are endless.

this makes me smile and lights a fire inside of me!!

: )

.. stay tuned for exciting new developments and info on my upcoming project .. 

happy friday 

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.. jackpot! ..

...   i hit the jackpot today, folks!   ...

   a sweet friend sent me a facebook message and told me about a garage sale just down the street from me... and wow! amazing! 

:)  JACKPOT  :)

...   i came home with a box full of beautiful vintage lace and trim as well as the oversized vintage leather clutch in the pic above   ...

best day ever

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.. it's brilliant! ..

Mason Jar Tumblers have arrived to Poppy and Pearl Co.!

I think it's brilliant :)

ReUsable  .  Eco-Friendly  .  Smart  .  and Pretty too! 

.   happy friday  .

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. i want .

..   my camera screen broke a few weeks ago and it's been SO annoying to use without the option of adjusting the settings and playing back my shots. i'm sending it in soon to be fixed but until then, i have a really bad case of wanting. 

..  i want a professional photographer at my disposal .. haa haa!

.. i want a studio of my own to work from ( kicking the two year old out of his room didn't go so well )

.. i want a bigger/better background for my photos

.. i want to "be cool" like the ladies here:

I know, I'm a little bit silly today...

...   all of these ladies are simply amazing  ...

..  i aspire to be as successful  .. 

. i admire their creativity and hard work .


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.. a new work space ..

Although my third born is still a baby (almost two) I just moved him out of his crib and put him in The Brothers room. Bad Mom? Maybe. BUT... I "need" a new work space. Our house has three bedrooms so the third bedroom has been on my mind for awhile. If all goes as planned, I am reclaiming it for my own :)
Wish me luck, folks! 
Hopefully my blonde haired wild child will do well tonight and LOVE his new sleeping arrangement.  

 ..   yes, that's tape holding up my sewing machine... it does the trick. My machine was a gift from my mom in junior high when I started 4-H sewing classes with the fabulous Melissa Wingo of Evelyn Fields   thanks mom! I hope you feel you've got your moneys worth;)   .. 


.. polka dot {{ love }} ..

..  a very sweet friend gifted Poppy and Pearl Co. with vintage ribbon and zippers  ..

i'm in love with this red and white polka dotted ribbon!

one inch cuff just added to the shop :)

cheers to a lovely friday!

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.. UpCycled ..

Isn't wonderful to take scrap metal and turn it into something beautiful!

That's exactly what my good friend Alicia does at Sierra Metal Designs. You can read more about her and her shop (as well as browse her beautiful designs) at www.SierraMetalDesign.etsy.com 

Alicia is also being featured on The Bee Hive Giveaway this week!! Check it out to win a fabulous SMD prize :)

She has kindly made cuffs and rings for Poppy and Pearl Co. I am so thrilled to be able to buy these upcycled beauties locally. I've added a few to my etsy store and listed this one today.  :)

thanks for stopping by :)

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.. new ..

..   congrats to Kelly for winning The Bee Hive giveaway!  ..

And on another fun note... I'll be adding some new accessories to the store. Some metal cuffs made by the fabulous Alicia at Sierra Metal Designs. I've put a Poppy and Pearl spin on them and hope to have quite a few done by the weekend. 

{{   bobbi   }}


.. giveaway ..

Poppy and Pearl Co. is featured on The Bee Hive! Please visit this wonderful blog to enter the giveaway :)

Good Luck!!

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... learning the ropes ...

Up until the last few months of working on Poppy and Pearl, I've always been overwhelmed by shopping thrift stores. Now... I love it! I know which ones I like and where they keep the good stuff. Leaving with yards of fabric for only a few dollars and not ever knowing what kind of "treasure" I might find is really fun.

I truly {LOVE} giving new life to my thrift store finds. 

...  last weeks purchase of buttons in yellows, greens, and blues ...


Almost Here!

Poppy and Pearl Co. will be opening soon!! I am SO thrilled to be apart of the Etsy family and can't wait to share my designs with you.

:)  Bobbi