{ happy rainy day }

... and it's here. winter that is.

  happy to wear my rain boots!


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{ spring cleaning }

this months gorgeous california weather ( and inspiration from Pinterest ) has me pretty-ing up our little house. 

 just yesterday it started feeling like winter.

no rain. no snow. just cold.

so this morning with a latte and leg warmers, I continued my "spring cleaning". 

don't get me wrong... there is PLENTY more to do but it feels nice to tackle some problem areas : )

my laundry room never looks like this- feels so refreshing!

i am a lover of espresso. seriously. i LOVE it a little too much.

while cleaning out the coffee drawer, i realized that i need to start labeling my beans so they don't go to waste. the bowl in the background is overflowing with "lost" coffee and is headed to the compost pile.

* chalkboard label from Happily Handmade *

the oh-so cute orange coffee cozy was given to me by my sister in-law, Elizabeth 
who new holding a latte could be this pretty!! 
made by Lovely Lemonade.

( find both of these talented ladies on etsy and facebook )

here i am, showing off my cozy <3


... now if only this wild man will let his mama get to work.

have a great day, friends!


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. instagram .

. hearting instagram right now .


 a few shots of the sweet life : ) 


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.. my monday ..

. moving forward with excitement .

. stepping out in faith .

. holding nothing back .

happy monday!

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photo from instagram ( poppyandpearl )


{ 2012 }

i can't even put into words how excited i am about 2012!

here's why.

this last year started off in a place of static and blah-ness.

today, i am inspired, joyful, and excited for what each day might bring.

starting Poppy and Pearl co. last August was THE BEST thing that has happened to me. it's taught me so much about myself and what makes me "tick". 

i love creating
i love business
i love people
i love pretty things
i love opportunity
i love being inspired

i am a hard worker and it's such a blessing to be able to finally be able to put my efforts, ideas, and time into something that is "mine". i am truly grateful for this new world that i've stepped into.

2012 is full of opportunity and i can't wait to see what the future holds!

my heart is grateful.

cheers, friends!! to a blessed and prosperous new year.


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