{ the video is here! }

Thank you Richie and Kari at Midview Studios for producing such beautiful work! It was a joy working with you.

Thanks goes to my gorgeous actors (cutest husband and wife EVER!!) Grace and Ryan McGrady

Thanks Tirzah and Steve Woodward for use of your summer time ride : ) I am totally getting a convertible now!



{ alive and well! }

craziest. week. of. my. life.

I was not prepared for the amount of business that would come from Mothers Day. I ended up having to call in the troops to come help me! The troops being two beautiful friends who kindly drank wine with me while filling orders well into the night.  : ) not too much wine of course. thank you Jodi, thank you Jennie!

So I happily survived the madness and look forward to the next round of holiday orders. Thank you lovely customers!!

OH, and I ran a half marathon in San Francisco on Sunday!
Only my second ever. I met my goal as I had better time than the last race and truly enjoyed the training experience... think I'm officially addicted. I'll be joining 24,000 ladies in October for the Nike Womens Half as well. Can't wait!

Here are some random shots of the last couple weeks :) 

Have a wonderful Mothers Day weekend, friends.


~ bobbi ~

me and chad, rooftop view of our hotel. amazing!!

my girls. love them!

out on the town ~ i seriously love this city!!

sonora girls ready to run
best lookin' group there ;) heehee

SO so happy to finish strong : )