.. Thanksgiving Faire ..

Thanksgiving weekend is always a busy time at the local faire grounds and downtown area of Sonora.

I am SO excited to be apart of the Hometown Crafters annual Faire at the Opera Hall, downtown.

I'm unable to sell my jewelry as there were already too many jewelry vendors when I signed up but I am offering my mason jar tumblers to the holiday shoppers : ) 

Wish me luck, friends!

If you're doing the same this black friday, I'd be so grateful for any tips you may have for a rookie.

~ bobbi


  1. Oh yeah!!! Black Friday!! I need to figure out what I'm going to be doing for that. Good luck Bobbi!!

  2. Thank you so much Amy! I'll be taking pictures and will be sure to post. Cheers to a successful holiday season!! ;D

  3. Advice for Black Friday -- Get out EARLY. It's the most fun, and people are the most "relaxed." The crabby people go out later.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. These mason jars are so pretty! You are so talented my dear. Good luck at the faire!


  5. these are adorable! what a great idea, you really are talented!