.. big dreams ..

...   a little update   ...

P & P co. has been busy. busy organizing and creating for a { very } exciting new project which is to be shared with the world in a few weeks.  


{  on my heart  }

i love the saying, "the sky is the limit". 

it really is, right?

well, i truly enjoy creating pretty things and i love small business

my sweet little P & P co. has big ideas... big dreams... big goals... and the heart to achieve them. 

being a new business (ppc is two months old) i have many emotions running through me... excitement, fear, hope, worry, joy, fulfillment, etc...  

when the negative creeps in, i remind myself of hope and possibility and the big big world that we live in.

it's possibilities for success are endless.

this makes me smile and lights a fire inside of me!!

: )

.. stay tuned for exciting new developments and info on my upcoming project .. 

happy friday 

{{    bobbi    }}


  1. Anonymous8.10.11

    the sky is not the limit, it is our creativity that is ;)
    look at every "fall", downhill of emotion, setback, negative notion, etc as a time to crouch and make your next leap!!
    have a great weekend bobbi!

  2. Those little negatives always try to sneak in don't they? I'm having a batch of that myself. But thankfully I have an amazing core group of friends and my family to support me throughout the process. Happy 2 months. :)

  3. What a beautiful ring!
    I love your blog and your shop and items!
    I'm your newest follower and can't wait to see more and get to know you! :)