thank you pinterest

 i finally put Pinterest to use!

this is just a little "matchbook" gift we gave to our neighbors this weekend.



gotta love mason jars!

me and my boys

...   on Christmas   ...

baby boy #3 was not in the mood for a "photo shoot" but at least i got some cooperation from these two  : )

Christmas for the Bankstons was wonderful!

magical and memorable

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{ rooted in love }

Brittany and Allie are the two lovely ladies of Rooted in Love Weddings. 

They were so sweet to include my mason jar tumblers in their latest gift guide! Check it out, HERE.

If you live in the Southern California area, be sure too look them up!!

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.. birthday girl ..

.. happy birthday to me .. 
i had no idea a year ago today that i would be “here”. it’s been a year of discovery to say the least. i LOVE creating, i LOVE business, and i can’t believe the opportunities that have come my way. i am blessed. the hope of new ventures in 2012 bring a joy and an excitement that i can’t put into words. i am flooded with happiness! 
cheers : )

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