. i want .

..   my camera screen broke a few weeks ago and it's been SO annoying to use without the option of adjusting the settings and playing back my shots. i'm sending it in soon to be fixed but until then, i have a really bad case of wanting. 

..  i want a professional photographer at my disposal .. haa haa!

.. i want a studio of my own to work from ( kicking the two year old out of his room didn't go so well )

.. i want a bigger/better background for my photos

.. i want to "be cool" like the ladies here:

I know, I'm a little bit silly today...

...   all of these ladies are simply amazing  ...

..  i aspire to be as successful  .. 

. i admire their creativity and hard work .


{{    bobbi    }}


  1. Great post! Hope the camera gets fixed quickly, how frustrating!

  2. You are amazing and inspiring to me Bobbi. Many blessings to you and your gifts. xoxoxoxo

  3. Wow -- very amazing, indeed!! I love that you moved your little boy into the Brothers room, too! How fun!!

    fyi: I am in Sonora at least once a year (if not more) as we have a cabin up in Arnold.....:)