{ vintage finds }

i stopped by a few of my favorite thrift stores today and 
found some vintage { lovelies }     

three vintage belts~ a few leather and one tapestry belt 
( didn't take pics )

this wonderful tiered cake stand for my studio. envisioning it on the sewing table as a button organizer. large ones on  bottom, smaller on top maybe.  ?  

speaking of the studio...  ugh.  i am so terrible about decorating that it has me overwhelmed. SO wish i could hire a decorator to just get the job done. oh well. someday { soon } it will be wonderful!

although the work room is way behind schedule i am having a good time finding little things that will help pull it all together.

and this little cutie... a vintage comb case. i think they're from the 50's?

what a great addition to project "studio"!

total spent:  $5.50


{   bobbi   }


{ all signed up }

..   no turning back now!   ..

this is only my second 1/2 marathon that I will be doing but I have to say that running again ( it's been three years ) is so rewarding. The endorphins that come with a good run are THE BEST!  : )

i am not "a runner" or an athlete. In high school I was a cheerleader...  hee hee.
so to put on my running shoes and push myself physically is an amazing feeling.

the race is the first weekend in may so i'll take pics and let you know how it goes.

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{ westfalia market }

if there were a few precious dollars left in my pocket, there are two things I would spend it on:

make~up or a handbag

{ the two have always been my weakness }

well, due to the brilliance of etsy and my love for handbags, i introduce ~

..  pretty ..  vintage  .. handbags  ..

click here to join my shop and be the first to check it out

simply ecstatic for opening day!! should be early next week.

you are so kind for stopping by ~ thank you for your support.


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{ quest for color }

 i've been trying to add color into my house for awhile now. I never know what goes together, what doesn't and so, find myself opting for neutrals. BORING. I am so over it. Thanks to my best friend for always inspiring me with her clever eye for design ( and to Pinterest ) I am finally just going for it. Color, here i come!! 
i recently put these up in the house from the oh-so talented Katie Daisy  

you can shop her amazing art work on Etsy at The Wheatfield

oh, and here's my mocha keeping me company  : )

my favorite homemade mocha these days:

two shots of espresso
3/4 cup of frothed whole milk
1/2 packet of Trader Joes hot chocolate mix

{ homemade gnache would be the most heavenly but i don't have any so the above is a perfectly good substitute }


{  bobbi  }

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