{ vintage finds }

i stopped by a few of my favorite thrift stores today and 
found some vintage { lovelies }     

three vintage belts~ a few leather and one tapestry belt 
( didn't take pics )

this wonderful tiered cake stand for my studio. envisioning it on the sewing table as a button organizer. large ones on  bottom, smaller on top maybe.  ?  

speaking of the studio...  ugh.  i am so terrible about decorating that it has me overwhelmed. SO wish i could hire a decorator to just get the job done. oh well. someday { soon } it will be wonderful!

although the work room is way behind schedule i am having a good time finding little things that will help pull it all together.

and this little cutie... a vintage comb case. i think they're from the 50's?

what a great addition to project "studio"!

total spent:  $5.50


{   bobbi   }


  1. awesome finds! i love thrifting

    you have such a cute blog- new follower :)

    andrea brionne

  2. thank you so much, Andrea! happy to have found you : )