{ quest for color }

 i've been trying to add color into my house for awhile now. I never know what goes together, what doesn't and so, find myself opting for neutrals. BORING. I am so over it. Thanks to my best friend for always inspiring me with her clever eye for design ( and to Pinterest ) I am finally just going for it. Color, here i come!! 
i recently put these up in the house from the oh-so talented Katie Daisy  

you can shop her amazing art work on Etsy at The Wheatfield

oh, and here's my mocha keeping me company  : )

my favorite homemade mocha these days:

two shots of espresso
3/4 cup of frothed whole milk
1/2 packet of Trader Joes hot chocolate mix

{ homemade gnache would be the most heavenly but i don't have any so the above is a perfectly good substitute }


{  bobbi  }

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    MLU the blog.