{ a beautiful whirlwind }

i feel as though i am running from the moment i rise till my head hits the pillow... i'm sure most of you can relate : )

it's such an amazing whirlwind these days! 
not only does Poppy and Pearl Co. now have a patent pending for the mason jar tumbler lid but there is also a brand new product coming into the shop soon! Oh, and a new website!! Craziness!

 with that said, i am moving this wonderful little business of mine to the next level. i can't wait to reveal the "new addition" to the shop ~ you are going to LOVE love love it.


here are a few random photos of the week. Instagram of course! 

btw, did you hear that Facebook made Instagram a billion dollar deal!! i should have been an app designer.   : )

~ have a terrific weekend ~

the little family after church on easter 

a quick visit to the city ( S.F. )
my view from the bay bridge at sunset was absolutely breathtaking

onward goes project studio

three weeks till race day ~ so excited to conquer 13 miles!

shipping supplies make me giddy!

the oh~so wonderful afternoon latte



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