{ spring cleaning }

this months gorgeous california weather ( and inspiration from Pinterest ) has me pretty-ing up our little house. 

 just yesterday it started feeling like winter.

no rain. no snow. just cold.

so this morning with a latte and leg warmers, I continued my "spring cleaning". 

don't get me wrong... there is PLENTY more to do but it feels nice to tackle some problem areas : )

my laundry room never looks like this- feels so refreshing!

i am a lover of espresso. seriously. i LOVE it a little too much.

while cleaning out the coffee drawer, i realized that i need to start labeling my beans so they don't go to waste. the bowl in the background is overflowing with "lost" coffee and is headed to the compost pile.

* chalkboard label from Happily Handmade *

the oh-so cute orange coffee cozy was given to me by my sister in-law, Elizabeth 
who new holding a latte could be this pretty!! 
made by Lovely Lemonade.

( find both of these talented ladies on etsy and facebook )

here i am, showing off my cozy <3


... now if only this wild man will let his mama get to work.

have a great day, friends!


{  bobbi  }


  1. Totally jealous of your spring cleaning! The labeling of the coffee jars is a great idea! How do you keep from braking the glass?!! :)

  2. How fun! I am in a spring cleaning kick as well...and I NEED a cute jar like yours for my laundry soap. So much nicer than the trader joe's box. :)

  3. Stacy- thanks : ) mason jars are really tough... I've never had one break.

    Vanessa- so much better, huh. I saw that on pinterest. i think i got it at wal-mart... years ago.


  4. Coin jar by the laundry...brilliant I say...BRILLIANT! :) Your house looks like its full of fun decorative creativity...drool.